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Recommended Reading from Friends United Press

For the First-Time Attendee of a Quaker Meeting
1. A Procession of Friends: Quakers in America, by Daisy Newman
2. Imagination & Spirit: A Contemporary Quaker Reader, edited by J. Brent Bill
3. I Take Thee, Serenity, by Daisy Newman
4. Prayer and Worship, by Douglas Steere
5. The Poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier, edited by William Jolliff

For New Members
1. The Journal of George Fox, edited by Rufus M. Jones
2. The Faith and Practice of the Quakers, by Rufus M. Jones
3. A Living Faith: An Historical Study of Quaker Beliefs, by Wilmer Cooper
4. The Trustworthiness of Religious Experience, by D. Elton Trueblood
5. The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman, edited by Phillips P. Moulton

For Seasoned Friends
1. Early Quaker Writings, edited by Hugh Barbour and Arthur Roberts
2. The Power of the Lord is Over All: The Pastoral Letters of George Fox, edited by T. Canby Jones
3. Apocalypse of the Word: The Life and Message of George Fox, by Douglas Gwyn
4. Reasons for Hope: The Faith and Future of the Friends Church, by John Punshon
5. No Cross, No Crown, by William Penn

For Individual or Group Study
1. A Brief Memoir of Elizabeth Fry (1781-1845), edited by David Goff
2. A Life of Search, by D. Elton Trueblood
3. Stepping in the Light: Life in Joy and Power, by Howard Macy
4. Come Pray: A Guide to Deeper Personal and Corporate Prayer, by Mary Glenn Hadley
5. Signs of Salvation: New Life Where Grace and Truth Meet, by Ben Richmond


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